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Sales Consultancy Northern Ireland

International Sales Consultancy

We are more than a Consultancy we are in it with you.

Whether you’re offering a product or service exporting has the potential to transform almost every aspect of your business. Aside from the obvious benefits of more sales and great profits, successful exporters find that trading internationally gives them other advantages over the competitors.

We will work with you on a one-to-one basis to help answers various areas such as the below. 

  • Export readiness
  • Knowing your market
  • Route to Market
  • Understanding your customer
  • Competition Threats
  • Implementation
  • Agents, Distributors and selling partners
  • Export Control of Sensitive information
  • Export Compliance (UK Strategic Export Control Lists)

Exploring new markets can be a distraction from your core business and can often consume much more time than you envisaged. As you go further into the process of individual countries trade agreements, export regulations or logistics time is spent on non-sales related tasks.

Working as a management consulting from your brief, we present options for market entry to various countries giving jargon free solutions. By working independently, it does not expose your interests too early in the research process which could alert your competitors. 

To get a true feel for a market there is no substitute for in-market visits and with our assistance you will be ready and knowledgeable to hit the ground running.

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